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            Founded in 2003, Zhishun is committed to the recycling of resources led by recycled plastics; it currently has: (1) equipment + technical plastic recycling modules (2) environmental protection new materials (recycled modified plastics) two industrial sectors , And a provincial engineering technology center integrating project incubation and technology research and development. The company's products and services are all over the world. The company independently develops and masters the core technology of recycling and recycling of waste plastics, and thus forms the core competitiveness! Our company has more than 100 approved patents, including 20 invention patents; more than 20 patent applications in the public announcement, 2 US patents; for Guangdong high-tech enterprises, leading comprehensive utilization of resources, cleaner production enterprises, knowledge Property rights demonstration enterprise, patent superiority enterprise, "contract observing and keeping promise" enterprise over the years; passed ISO9001 / 14001/18001 certification and AQSIQ certification. In Jiangmen City, Guangdong Province, the company invested over 100 million yuan to build the first base integrating R & D, production and demonstration, covering an area of ??more than 200 acres. Established a joint venture with Guangzhou Supply and Marketing Headquarters to recycle and reuse low- and medium-value wastes from urban household waste , Yichang City and other more than 10 cities and multiple parks have the intention to cooperate. The two trademarks "Zhishun" and "MCB" respectively embodies the concepts of "Cultivation of Righteousness, Reliance on Zhixin" and "Make China Beautiful!" The energetic company's technology and management team are ready to go hand in hand with their peers and work hard to contribute their own strength to China, even the world with a clear blue sky and green land!

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